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New Year PRESENT to everyone from our ingress-shop!

New Year PRESENT to everyone from our ingress-shop!

To all the Ingress agents, Ingress-Store wishes you happy holidays and a Hacking New Year! Don’t miss our exclusive New Year offers and go ahead shopping online for the ingress items and presents in each order! Find the best online shopping deals and discounted ingress-packs in our shop.

Only in our 1st INGRESS STORE from 25th DECEMBERY till 25th FEBRUARY starts amazing WINTER HOLIDAYS.

In each order you will get a PRESENT from our Santa Claus - xmp bursters or power cubes or common/rare/very rare mods or ultra strikes. From 50 to 100 pcs ingress items - free present in each order only for our customers!!!

Last year has came and gone
We were lucky to get you as Customer
Let us look forward a new year
That brings new opportunities and Challenges
Happy and Prosperous New year!!!