INGRESS SHOP most Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to pay?

Because of outstanding PayPal buyer protection it is prefer way for payment in our shop. We accept all payments to our paypal account. Please write your order number in payment note. Also we are accepting payments via Credit Cards, Webmoney and BitCoins. 

2. How I will receive my purchase?

Delivery is made using temporary transfer account (mule acc). On your email address you will receive Ingress enabled Google account (login + password) with ordered items on it. To move items between accounts (temporary and your) capsule is highly recommended. When transfer acc is sent, you will have 48 hours for transfer items (after that time password of the account will be changed). If you need more time please inform us as soon as possible and password reset will be made later.

3. How I can take my purchase?

To take your items from received transfer account it is better to have a capsule (in case of big order a few of them is recommended). You need to drop this capsule from your account, enter to transfer account and acquire it. Then you need to load ordered ingress items from transfer account to capsule and drop it. After that you should log into your main account and acquire capsule with its content.

Attention! WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND to use second mobile (device) for our transfer accs with items. It's much more safer to use second Ingress enabled device. If you will use one device with your main acc - we recommend to reboot it between logouts from transfer acc to main acc.  We are not responsible for any problems that can be with your main acc if you will use transfer acc on the same device where is your main acc. And don't storage ingress items of "higher level" on low level accounts, because you have a chance to lose them. If you will have any problems with your account or items - it is because you have used other sellers. Our TEAM will help everybody with their problems even if you have used our competitor's service. WE PROTECT NOT ONLY OUR CUSTOMERS BUT ALL INGRESS AGENTS OF ALL FACTIONS! Will be glad to help you with any your problem.

4. Is it safe? How can i prevent NIA detect that I am using your shop and buy items?

Sometimes our customers ask us if is it safe to use our shop? There is only one answer, YES IT IS SAFE! NIA will do nothing with your main acc even if they will detect that you have items from our shop. To prevent NIA DETECT, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND to use all our items as fast as possible after purchase. Don't storage items for a long period of time (1 week storage is recommended time). It is much better to use them all and make another purchase in our shop. We use secured VPN service to protect out transfer (mule) accounts. That's why it is SAFE to buy items from us. None of our customers has received ingress account ban/ingress soft ban on their ingress game account for purchasing items from our ingress store. We are using the highest level of items transfer security, that's why it is SAFE to make purchases in our shop.

5. NIA warning about in-game items purchase from third-party sellers.

Dear Customers, recently, NIA ops have announced information about tracing of in-game items from no authorized third-party sellers. It was mentioned that NIA is going to send some kind of warnings and remove these items from the game. IT IS FAKE because it is impossible to track all items and to recognize if they have been sold or just a help from your faction friends. Also we can tell you that some agents (worlwide) have received this warning in the inbox of  unused accounts that had no embedded objects. This agents dont't play ingress more then 2 years and they have EMPTY inventory because the gave all items to their friends. But why they have received this message if the dont have any items? The main conclusion - NIA is sending this messages randomly. They just want to frighten you and thats all!

From our side, we want to assure you that our delivery is based on a transfer (mule) account delivery wich created on your city IP (with help of VPN service), so you don't violate any ToS, you just take game items from another player which is completely legal. All the gear  in our shop is farmed by hands, by real playing, without any spoofing and automation software. We are still in business, our sales department is ready to assist 24/7 and we are able to match the price from any competitor on the market to give you an opportunity to try our fast delivery with the best customer service on the market.

6. How to add temporary account to my phone?

You can add an account from game menu. For this your should enter OPS, choose tab DEVICE, tap “Sign out” button and confirm the action. After that game will offer you the list of registered accounts. Select Add account, next select Google existing account and type login and password from our message.

If you can't see “Sign out” option in ingress you have to ADD transfer account on your phone. This can be done in different ways. Usually for Android devices, go to Setting - Accounts - Add existing google account - use login and pass that we sent to you. 

7. I can't drop anything from transfer account and can acquire anything. What should I do?

It's a cooldown time. The game found that account coordinates changed too fast. Wait for some time and try again. Depending on distance between your location and our, the delay may takes from 6 to 10 hours. If you drop and items disappear from ground just log out from account and relogin the item still in the account but wait few hrs before drop again. If you doubt there will be enough time to transfer items feel free to contact us.

8. Google asking me some strange data when I am adding received account, where to find it?

Google cares of account security and in some cases asks additional information about account. Usually it's a city where account located or secret question. This information you can find in our message. If Google asks something else please contact us. In that case password reset will be done until we ensure that you have full access to transfer acc.

9. I bought ingress items and i need them as fast as you can, how much time need to receive my order?

Usually we delivery in 12/24hrs but this time can be longer up to orders queue or during anomaly events, in the maximum case in 72 hrs you will have your order dispatched. If you are in hurry pls choose our SFD products delivery. This ingress items are ready to drop from transfer accs at any time because SFD products are delivered in NO COOLDOWN TIME transfer (mule) accounts.