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How to buy ingress items cheaper? Our discounts

How to buy ingress items cheaper? Our discounts

If you have found ingress items cheaper then we sell, so you didnt use your discounts and loyalty program! In this article we want to show how you can earn more then 25% of catalog price for all ingress items in our store.

Example - you want to buy 100 AXA shields. 
Our catalog price for 100 AXA is 65$

For example you aren't a new customer, and have bought in our shop before ingress items for 300$. So with our loyalty program you have 300 points that can be converted into a voucher of 15$ (you must be a registered user for this). Our products are much cheaper, you just have to try all our discounts. You can use 10% Obsidian Anomaly Discount code - read more...

So what we have:

3QTPIP42 (Anomaly Discount CODE) 10% + Loyalty reward

500 AXA by shop price cost 325$

So your price for 100 AXA will be:

(325$ - 10% - 15$)/5 = 55,5$*

*The price may be lower if you are buying a lot and get loyalty points.
*Maximum discount system operates only if your order is 300$ or more.
*In addition, we guarantee the security of your delivery fee and pleasant bonuses :)