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10% discount for XM Anomaly AEGIS NOVA (for all items)

10% discount for XM Anomaly AEGIS NOVA (for all items)

Dear customers,
As you know, on MAY 28, new XM Anomaly AEGIS NOVA will start!!!

Thats why we give you an opportunity to buy all ingress items with an additional 10% discount. All you have to do – is to make order for 300$ or more and use this promo code:


NOTE: this code gives you discount ONLY if your order is for 300$ or more.

Do you know anything about ELITE ANOMALY BADGE (MEDAL)? Paid anomaly participants will have the option to have their official stats tracked at Aegis Nova events. Top Agents worldwide awarded Anomaly Elite Medal (in app medal will change to Elite at end of season).

Do you want to be one of all agents worldwide with ELITE BADGE? Prepare your inventory for the AEGIS NOVA XM Anomaly. Help your faction to win this anomaly. Refill your arsenals with AXA shields, XMP bursters, ADA refactors and Jarvis Viruses!!!! We give the best prices for this items with discounts in our store. Also you can add another 10% discount if you will buy ingress items for 300$ and use code CM7FVNPE. Are you ready, Agents? start your Scanners!

You can help your faction to win Aegis Nova Anomaly

May 28, 2016 - Aegis Nova anomaly part 1

Primary: Brooklyn, NY, USA
Satellite: Minneapolis/Saint Paul, MN, USA
Satellite: Savannah, GA, USA

Primary: Rotterdam, NETHERLANDS
Satellite: Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA
Satellite: Padova, ITALY

Primary: Tainan, TAIWANS
Satellite: Chiang Mai, THAILAND
Satellite: Manila, PHILIPPINES

June 25, 2016  - Aegis Nova anomaly part 2

Primary: San Diego, CA, USA
Satellite: Calgary, AB, CANADA
Satellite: Salt Lake City, UT, USA

Primary: Moscow, RUSSIA
Satellite: Dublin, IRELAND
Satellite: Nice, FRANCE

Primary: Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Satellite: Hyderabad, INDIA
Satellite: Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA