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Ingress Mission Days, What is it and when will be new?

Ingress Mission Days, What is it and when will be new?
Got tired of playing within the same city, places and streets, parks and fountains? We bet, you have a spirit of a traveler, explorer, Indiana Jones – whatever you call it, but you are always ready for new missions, places and trips. Indeed, that is why the Ingress game was created – to make people get outside their living-rooms and look for adventures. That is what Niantic is offering you again – another set of Ingress events – the Mission Days!
What is a Mission Day? It is a day, when agents from all over the world get together to explore a new city full of missions and events. Your task is to find as many portals as you can. Meanwhile, you are visiting the most outstanding sights of a city, meet new people, who have the same interests, doesn’t matter what faction they play for – Enlightened or Resistance. Thousands of people get together during such days and often have an opportunity to meet at an informal place afterwards to discuss the missions and share their achievements.

Got interested? The nearest Mission Day is next Saturday – December, 17! If you want to see the mysterious Chinese landscapes and a city, which is a wonderful example of a rapidly developing megalopolis, welcome to Shenzhen! 

If this winter is freezing in your country and you want to combine the game with a holiday in the sun, don’t miss the Galle Mission Day in Sri Lanka! Explore this resort city with other Ingress fans on foot and don’t forget to visit the afterparty in the end of the day. The Mission Day in Galle is also on December, 17, so don’t hesitate! Sri Lanka is not hot enough for you? Another two locations on December, 17 are in Fortaleza, Brazil and Dubai, UAE!

If you have plans for Saturday, it doesn’t mean you will miss a Mission Day this year. On December, 18 there will be the last Mission Day in 2016. It will take place in Saitama, Japan. This Mission Day event is collaborated with Stamp Rally event sponsored by Saitama 6 Cities(Soka, Koshigaya, Kasukabe, Sugito, Satte, and Kurihashi) along the Nikko-kaido Road. The organizers promise us that their Mission Day is very unique, agents will go around the so-called 6 Syukuba-machi (a road, connecting several Japanese cities) by train, enjoy missions and the street of each city.

For each Mission Day event the participants who will complete a particular number of missions get special awards – Mission Day medals. Badges/medals are displayed on the Agent profile page and their purpose is to show agent achievements and game progress.
If you don’t have an opportunity to take part in the nearest Mission Days, but need a new medal badly – don’t be upset.

The Ingress Mission Days are organized on regular basis – the 2017 will also be full of events. Don’t miss a chance to play for your faction and visit Australia, Switzerland and the UK soon after the New Year holidays! Visit to be informed about the future events.