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Ingress donating or how to buy a win? Pay to win FAQ

Ingress donating or how to buy a win? Pay to win FAQ

Have you ever been in a situation, when you are sure: your strategy is genius, everything was perfectly thought over, but a small stupid detail – like, say, lack of space in your inventory, or no new xmp bursters available to you – spoiled everything you planned? In fact, there is nothing to worry about, if you are aware of some awesome items you can buy in your scanner in-store. As any Ingress player you want be of use for your faction, get new awards and simply be a great part of a team. Sometimes it is difficult to maintain without using any additional gear, that is performed in your scanner store.

If your inventory is full of keys and you need some additional space badly, try a key locker. It is a special premium item that will definitely help you to get extra xmp bursters and gain an advantage over your enemies. As with all premium items, these key capsules cannot be hacked, dropped, recycled, or inserted into other capsules. They function just like regular capsules, so you can sort the keys in there by distance or title. The key lockers are available in five different colors: red, white, blue, gold and green. You can buy them either individually, or as a five-item pack. There is a quantity limit, though. You can buy not more than five key lockers, that all together can keep up to 100 keys outside your inventory space, allowing you to use it wisely. It means you can either buy a full pack of all colors or to buy them individually, having several key lockers of the same color. However, if you choose a five-item pack, you will get a discount. Don't forget, the more key-lockers you get, the more xmps you can place in your inventory, the more opportunities you get to destroy your enemies and help your faction be a leader of this game!
Another item from the scanner in-store that shouldn't be left without your attention is a portal fracker. It is also considered a premium item, that cannot be hacked, dropped, recycled, or inserted into capsules. What advantage this thing can give you? As long as the fracker is in active position, the portal’s hack yield for all the agents of the game is doubled. It is not simply that average yield of the portal is doubled, but each item hacked from the portal is then duplicated. As a result, using one fracker you can hack two portal keys with a single hack,! Please, pay attention: that the doubled items won’t necessarily have the same rarity, however: there is a possibility, that you might end up with a rare and a common shield rather than two rare shields, for example. Also, note, that the fracker has no effect on the portal’s cooldown and burnout rules.

Both items are available on the official Ingress store. If you need any additional equipment, you can also buy it here, on our website. Why to buy here? Our store allows you to buy your advantages without any limits, moreover, our items are of a highest quality, and the prices will cheer you up and allow you to think about your future wins, not limits.