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Ingress XM anomalies in 2016 and what to wait in 2017 year?

Ingress XM anomalies in 2016 and what to wait in 2017 year?

If you are a true agent and dedicated fan of the Ingress game, you definitely know about the Ingress XM Anomalies and probably participated in some. But if you are only beginning to capture portals, you might not be aware much of this huge series of events, that take place regularly and attract thousands of the Ingress players from all over the world. Here we will tell you what an Anomaly is, the results of the latest events in 2016 and what to expect in the coming 2017.

An Anomaly is something like a festival for the agents, which lasts for several weeks and takes place in various cities of the world. These locations are divided into two categories – Primary and Satellite. That faction, who won at the Primary site is awarded with more points than at the Satellite site. For each Anomaly its participants get special anomaly badges of the event.
Starting with May 28, 2016 and up to July 16, 2016 the Aegis Nova Anomaly took place. The Primary sites were set in seven cities of the world: Brooklyn, the US; Rotterdam, Netherlands; San Diego, the US; Tainan, Taiwan; Moscow, Russia; Sydney, Australia; Tokyo, Japan and Dublin, Ireland. Each event started with a supporter kit pickup (several types of kits are usually available for purchase: Free, Common, Rare and Very Rare), then a group photo and the Anomaly itself took place followed by an afterparty, where the participants met in an informal atmosphere. The Enlightened were in the lead with a huge advantage over the Resistance.
Very soon another Anomaly occurred – it was called Via Lux (August 27, 2016 – September 24, 2016). The Primary sites were set in five cities: Denver, the US; Wroclaw, Poland; Toronto, Canada; Cologne, Germany and Singapore. The first day was quiet intriguing: the Resistance were leaders in Wroclaw, Birmingham and Turku, and the Enlightened got the highest scores in Denver, Portland and San Jose. On September 24, 2016 the Resistance showed greater performance and all in all they won with a score 20 to 19.
The last Anomaly in 2016 is called Via Noir, it started on November 12, 2016. There were three Primary sites: New Orleans, the US; Rome, Italy and Seoul, South Korea. So far the Enlightened took their advantage back and became leaders with a score 12 to 9.

The coming 2017 is not only a chance for the Resistance to step forward, but it also promises to be full of new Anomalies all over the world: new places, portals, tasks and acquaintances. The organizers are keeping the exact dates of the first Anomaly in secret, nevertheless we are expecting it to be in February-March. While we are waiting for the next event, don’t forget, that every Anomaly requires much equipment and you have some time to get prepared. So don’t hesitate, start enriching your inventory with AXA shields and lawson power cubes, which you always can buy at our online-store. There are also special Anomaly-kits available for purchase, containing everything you need to defend your enemy! Check it out on our website and be ready for the new wins!