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Guardian Medal is Dead and Retired now. What next?

Guardian Medal is Dead and Retired now. What next?

Agents, the Guardian medal is retired and owning a Portal will no longer affect it. Onyx medal was awared to anyone with 140 or greater consecutive days and platinum for 80 or more. Agents that have not unlocked the medal will have it removed from their profile. Do you think it is a good or bad decision from NIA OPS?

We have asked some our customers about Guardian Portal Retired

Guardian goes against the constant flipping nature of the game. It is the only badge the enemy can directly deny you. This leads to poor xfac relations. It gives an insane amount of power/incentive to cheaters. It isn't really engaging. We still have recharger for the easy brainless button tap challenge. This was just another (worse) flavor of that badge. It causes more anxiety in players than joy. The minimum requirement for one agent was that they place only one reso. 

Thank the lord. The most toxic elements of the community will probably just quit now since there is nothing left for them. Good riddance.

As a relatively new player, I'm pretty disappointed I didn't even get the chance to try for onyx. My portals are super remote and I'm pretty confident I could have gotten it with time. Now I have a permanent gold that will never even have a chance to get to onyx. Major feels for those at like mid 130s who are in an even more frustrating place.

Well I was on a break from the game but kept logging in to recharge my guardians. Would have come back, but guess I'll be deleting the game now. You’ve got to be shitting me. I’m at 128, and finally had one I believed would make it. I came back to the game to get this.

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