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Ingress Prime News - spoof software for Ingress 2.0

Ingress Prime News - spoof software for Ingress 2.0

Change is coming... We are glad to announce that with help of our Ingress Prime Beta Testers, our devs finished with new spoofing software that works with Ingress 2.0 Unity real-time engine. Ingress Shop Team will help you to gear up and refill your inventory with all types of ingress items. We have monitored the market, collected and implemented all the safest rules. And now, at the moment, we can ensure you that our store is the most safest place to buy Ingress gear. And we will work for you when Ingress Prime will be released!

Ingress Prime Shop

Here ( you can buy ingress items as: XMP Busters, AEGIS Shields, Ultra Strikes, Power Cubes (LAWSON  & CIRCLE K), QUANTUM Capsules, JARVIS Viruses, ADA Refactor, L8 Accounts and other Services! Using our service, you can buy any product or order any service without any problems with Ingress 2.0 APK scanner.

Ingress Prime News

1) All portal menu buttons moved down and became round.
2) Agent profile has practically not changed, the missions are visible, the medals are in the same order, the order cannot be changed.
3) Unique portals are currently no different from ordinary.
4) On maximum scale, circle for shooting with information is not visible, need to zoom in.
5) Portal keys are in a separate tab and scrolled vertically, unlike the rest of the horizontal inventory.
6) Mods are also divided by types on billboards, farm mods and lamps separately.
7) Visual display of the number of shields on the portal.
8) Ability to rotate the screen with one finger.
9) All functions of the main view went to 1 button at the bottom and became round, by clicking on which an attack, inventory, comm.
10) ROOT-devices IS NOT supported in Ingress Prime, as well as, for example, in PokemonGO

Ingress Prime Spoofing

Our private Fake GPS software for Ingress 2.0 will not be in public access and we will not sell it in our shop. This decision is due to the fact that we want to maintain a leading position on the Ingress Black Market. And we understand that Ingress Prime Fake GPS software in the hands of amateurs can ruin the game. Agents, the world is not as it seems. A secret war is taking place in the shadows, and you with our help have the power to mold the fate of this universe.

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