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Ingress the Animation Movie - watch online for free!

Ingress the Animation Movie - watch online for free!

Anime adaptation of the famous mobile online game of the company "Niantic Labs".

Scientists discovered a substance capable of directly interacting with the human brain. Called "exotic matter," it could bestow a person with incredible physical and mental abilities. In view of this discovery, the world was swallowed up by the struggle for it between powerful nations and huge corporations; people were divided into two factions. The "enlightened" saw enormous potential in exotic matter, capable of taking human development to a new level, giving it new experience and knowledge. The “resistance”, on the other hand, saw it as a threat to people absorbing their minds and considered the technological path of development to be the best.

2018, Tokyo. Dangerous and powerful forces are planning to use "exotic matter" for their own selfish purposes. Makoto Midorikawa - a special investigator of the Metropolitan Police, who has the gift of reading the memory when touched, and Sarah Coppola - the only survivor of the explosion in the research laboratory of exotic matter, will have to solve the case and stop the threat hanging over the world.

Episode 1 - "Begin – Danger – Message"

Episode 2 - "Escape – Past – Destiny"

Episode 3 - "Advance – Discover – Conflict"

Episode 4 - "Separate – Together – Pursue"

Episode 5 - "Journey – Portal – Potential"

Episode 6 - "Enlightenment – Resistance – Chaos"

Episode 7 - "Nature – Civilization – Soul"

Episode 8 - "Forget – Information – Rebel"

Episode 9 - "Live – Die – Truth"

Episode 10 - "Destroy – Create – Answer"

Episode 11 - "Us – Them – All"

On our site, you can watch online an Ingress anime 2018 release absolutely free of charge. All series in very good quality 720p HD. The plot of the anime series originates in the mobile game Ingress, and the development of the story will continue in the new project Niantic. In the fall, at the same time as Ingress: The Animation, the mobile game Ingress Prime was released. In it, the developers have embodied the ideas of Ingress, but with all that the team has learned in the process of working on the Pokémon GO.