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Best Augmented Reality Mobile Games. What to play in 2019?

Best Augmented Reality Mobile Games. What to play in 2019?

AR (Augmented Reality) games are at the forefront of the gaming industry. At the moment, it has ceased to be a fantastic concept. AR games allow you to fight aliens, capture fantastic creatures, protect kingdoms in the real world. And all this is possible without super expensive headsets - only a smartphone or console with AR support is required.

Among the dozens of mediocre games from inexperienced developers it is quite difficult to find something really high-quality. Ingress-Shop Team have done a great job to collect all the AR games that are the best at the moment and worthy of your attention. So let us introduce you the best Augmented Reality games for Android and iOS 2019!

Best Augmented Reality Mobile Games in 2019

- Ingress Prime
- Pokemon GO
- Father.Io
- Draconius GO
- Jurassic World Alive
- Delta T
- Maguss
- Color Planet
- The Walking Dead: Our World
- GhostbustersWorld
- Resources The Game
- Harry Potter: Wizards Unite (coming soon)

So, this is our list of the best AR games for Android and iOS 2019. Most can already be downloaded, some hits will be released in the near future. These games definitely deserve your attention. Do you think that some game is missing in this list? Be sure to report this to our team! If it really is one of the best augmented reality games for iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone, we will definitely add it to our list.

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