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The future of Ingress Prime and NEW codes from Ingress Shop

The future of Ingress Prime and NEW codes from Ingress Shop

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Some thoughts about the future of Ingress

These thoughts disturbed our 3RD-FACTION TEAM for a long time, and we have decided to present them here. We are quite sure that such thoughts have already been expressed at other Ingress communities.

At the moment, we, ingress gamers, have been experiencing the same gameplay for almost 7 years, mostly: walking, capturing, destroying, link and field. We are not saying that this is boring, but it would be great to see some additions to the main gameplay that will be available right from the start. And these are our suggestions:

1) Specialization for Ingress Agents.
It was nice to see the HPWU professions, although We don’t know how they work or what they do with the gameplay, but we're pretty sure that the player will have a different gaming experience depending on his career choice. We thought about this before the HPWU announcement, and as for Ingress, we can offer the following specializations:

a) Destroyer: agent and agent damage increased by 50%, but the XMP range is reduced by 30%. Ideal for those who are trying hard to keep their areas at least gray;

b) Builder: the agent can increase the L6 portal solo. This means that he can place two L7 and L8 and four L6 Resos in one portal. Even agents with this specialization have a slightly increased fall in portal portal hacking resonator;

c) Engineer: the agent can replace existing mods on the portal (which means that they belong to him), he can also place up to 4 mods on one portal, but has a limit on all link amplifiers - but not more than 2 in one single portal;

d) Connector: the agent increased the reach of outgoing links by 15%, but the maximum number of outgoing links that can be made from one portal (excluding SBUL) is reduced by 4.

Note. Agent can change specialization once a week. Agent specializations can be represented by a special icon in the agent profile and in COMM.

2) Craft system.
I assume that many players are ready to make it available in Ingress. It would be nice to create Resonators, XMP, etc. At a lower level. So, for example, 3xL2 XMP results in 1xL3 XMP; (40xL8 XMP + 20xL8 US + 10xL8 PC + 1xAegis) = 1 JARVIS / ADA (the odds are the same).

3) Recursion System.
At the moment, the goal of recursion is simply a beautiful icon and several “wings” in the agent profile. Thus, we can say that recursion is purely "cosmetic" without any other realizable value for the agent. However, the NIA says that "if you press the Recursion button, it is still unknown what the recursion does for the agent."

We would suggest that each recursion will provide +100 additional inventory space. However, this is debatable, because non-recursed players will respect the flaw on the items they have. However, the most important point is that: - Recursive agents should have some benefits / bonuses that affect their gameplay without putting non-recursed agent to disadvantage.

Well, something like this. Perhaps one day the NIA will see such posts here, then maybe they will start thinking about realizing such things in the future, who knows...

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