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How to order any Ingress Portal Destroy?

How to order any Ingress Portal Destroy?

Sometimes we are receiving tasks to destroy ingress portals. You can order portal hunter service if a player from the opposing faction destroys your home portal every day and you feel harassed... Or you just want to remove block link or field over you city. We can destroy any anchor portal worldwide. Also if you need portal full deploy - just make us to know. 

If you want to kill a remote portal you currently don't have access to, our Team is here to help you with this task and quickly destroy any portal. You don't have to put any effort into this process, every step will be completed by our highly skilled team of portal hunters. We've been providing this service for more than 5 years. 

How to order ingress portal destroy?

  • 1) Send to us link to the target portal which must be destroyed or;
  • 2) Send to us target portal GPS coordinates or;
  • 3) Send to us portal name and approximate location (Country, state, city) with agent name or portal screenshot;

Is it safe to order portal destroy? Could other players find out who destroyed their portal?

Its absolutely safe. Our 3RD-FACTION INGRESS TEAM does not give out any confidential information such as: login, email, agent nickname, etc. Niantic can't block your account because they simply won't ever know who requested this service. This service is absolutely safe for you.

Destroy Enemy Ingress Portal

You can buy our service and our hunters team can destroy absolutely any portal in the online game Ingress. How it works? You find any portal that you want to break, but do not have physical access to it. You send us the name of this portal or a link to the portal. We destroy it with L3-L8 account. You can use our service to destroy portals with fields, very rare farm mods (MH, HS and so on), portals with block links. If you want we can deploy resonators on destroyed portal and setup 2 shields.

How to get ingress portal link

If you do not know how to get link to target portal on Intel map or Google Maps, you can try to use this Telegram Bot - @PortalMapBot. Just put there your portal name and you will get all info about portal.

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