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Ingress Anomalies and Events for 2020 year

Ingress Anomalies and Events for 2020 year

There will be no anomalies in 2020. The reasons are obvious - growing concerns surrounding the global pandemic.When local public gatherings can be managed safely, Ingress Team will explore resuming small-scale live events with careful planning and promoting healthy practices. So if you do not have possibility to geather with other agents and create L8 portals and hack high level items - we can Help you! COVID-19 it is not a joke, STAY AT HOME. But you can continue play ingress while your way to work or walking the dog. Just do not forget to refill your inventory before you leave home and our ingress shop is working 24h for you!!! You can buy any items you need and order any service you want in our Ingress Shop! Just contact us via contact form or FB messanger or Telegram.

We have prepared for you latest news about Ingress Events for nearest time:

1) First Saturday also went into our game of life and went to the minds of quarantine and could adapt. Agents to spend all their time at home or "virtual home FS", do not forget about rocking, the spirit of competition and, obviously, about the medal.

2) In the 3rd quarter it is planned to launch a battle on the portals with beacons, where agents of one faction will be able to resist another. The battle is focused on physical distancing. The possibility of global events in the format of fighting for MU in cells, based on the distance traveled (Trekker) and completed missions is also considered.

3) Some more massive events will be held, if the epidemiological situation in the world allows it.

4) The rate of discharge of portals and the number of hacks without additional modifiers returned to their previous levels - the portals are discharged in a week, and the number of hacks is limited to four. Other temporary changes are still in force.

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