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How to create new Portal in Ingress Prime

How to create new Portal in Ingress Prime

Captivating the hearts of thousands of new recruits daily Ingress Prime is becoming a daily activity for a large scale battle between Fractions. You might have already chosen your side and made some progress in the game. But how to improve skills and develop faster than the opposing team? By being a useful member of your Fraction! In this article we discuss the most important thing: how to add new Portal! Ingress is a game for active players who:

- Control the territory they are living in;
- Hack Portals to get strategic items, weapons and keys;
- Are outside and move to find more interesting portals and locations.

All activities in the game take place only near the objects. You can't do anything sitting at home and looking at Ingress portal map, such games are far away in past. There wouldn't be any Portal even displayed. At least 130 ft required for performing an action with an object. Before you rush to help your teammates, be sure to follow several golden rules. Here's how to get Ingress Portal approval and not to waste plenty of time on wrong movements.

Step 1. Check your level!

A possibility to turn objects into Portals is available for each Agent. No matter to what Fraction a player belongs to he can choose a suitable POI to create a Portal. The only IF here: a certain Ingress level for Portal submission have to be reached. Until you hit level 10, you won't be able to grow the number of allied Portals. Typically, for a beginner it takes between 2 weeks and 1 one month to get enough XP points to be awarded an eligible level. How to know the action is available? Check the Main Menu for a NOMINATIONS button.

Step 2. Remember about limitations.

There's a certain reason why beginners (under level 10) aren't allowed to create new Portals. If someone who has no slightest idea of how to make a new Portal in Ingress is nominating everything around him, it would add more workload for community. That's why there's a strictly limited amount of nominations for one player: only 14 POI each fortnight.

Step 3. Choose the object wisely.

Once you hit level 10, don't rush to submit possible Portals. Look at the place you want to turn into it. It should meet several important criteria. There are lots of NOs to consider if you really want to get Ingress Portal approval. Be sure to check the following requirements before wasting your nominations:

- Object should be accessible for other players (no restricted areas or private sectors);
- Object is located in a SAFE PEDESTRIAN area (no roads, highways, etc.);
- Object is human-made (no lakes, rivers, mountains, etc);
- Object is not moving or to be moved (no people, animals, seasonal and temporarily installations);
- Object shouldn't interfere with work of emergency institutions (police stations, fire stations and hospitals).

Again, it's the Agent who's reliable for choosing a perfectly suitable place. The submission process might take some time, and it's easy to forget about some locations you were nominating. Sadly there's no more possibility to use official Ingress Portal Submission Tracker, as the app had been deleted. Don't be surprised if your Portal has been rejected but then appeared to belong to another agent! That's the reason why each player after hitting an eligible Ingress level for Portal submission should be extra careful about nominations! Let's see what makes a perfect Portal.

add new ingress portal

Step 4. Submit selected POI according to the rules.

After you found what seems to be a proper object, be sure to check these important Ingress Portal submission guidelines. Otherwise, all the work you do and all the time you spend might be wasted. Here's a step-by-step process with useful recommendations and tips.

1. Press NOMINATIONS button in the Main Menu.
2. Set a location of a new Portal accurately. The marker have to be precisely locating the object itself.
3. Add a photo of an object. You can do it in the process of nomination or before that. Be sure your photo meets the requirements:
● Upload only the photo you take yourself, no Internet pictures!
● Portal photo should be clear and visible, no poor quality pics taken at night!
● No people around, sometimes you have to wait for a perfect shot.

4. Add photos of the area to give other Agents idea of location and site.
5. Provide the name of Portal, write a few words about the object. What can it be?
● History of a landmark;
● Description of item's origin;
● Background description.
6. Review the whole nomination before submitting to find possible inaccuracies or mistakes.
7. Wait for an email with results! Be patient, each Ingress Portal approval is done by another player of higher level, not the machine, so it takes some time.

If all the steps were performed correctly you can enjoy your creation on Ingress Portal Map! Your contribution is important for both Ingress Factions!