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TOP-10 Ingress Agents rating UPDATE...

TOP-10 Ingress Agents rating UPDATE...

Ingress Prime has conquered the hearts of users across the whole world. It's a new way to communicate, learn, entertain and have an active lifestyle while playing! Niantic states there are more than 10 million downloads of this app in Google Play so far. You might've hit a certain level yourself and helped your faction to win several Portals, constantly improving your skills and making progress. But what do you need to join the rank of the best players?

In this article we are going to talk about top Ingress Agents, the players that have achieved the highest possible level and got the maximum amount of AP so far. The list of Ingress top 10 Agents might change anytime, as more and more users are getting closer to the top. Everyone has a chance to see his name among the best! How's that possible?

• Some users stop playing for many reasons giving others the opportunity to catch up;
• Devoting more time to the game and reaching higher levels you'll inevitably make it to the top;
• The gap between you and top Ingress Agents might seem enormous right now, but don't expect best players to get all APs overnight.

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Updates are usually released every quarter of the year. What do we know about top Ingress Agents as of 3rd quarter of 2020? Here's a full list with data about these players. We'll see the amount their AP, talk about the factions they belong to and their progress.

#10. aCceEs (ENL)
The only Agent in top 10 with less than 1 billion AP. Living in a town of Saga in Japan, he is one of the 4 players from Japan who made it to the top. A competition in this country is very high.

#9. cchjackie (RES)
The only representative of Resistance Faction in Ingress top 10 Agents so far! Also belongs to Asian region, but living in Hsinchu City, Taiwan. There aren't many Taiwanese players making it to the top, and no RES Agents at all there. While other users playing for RES are still crawling to make it to the list, cchjackie is actually making the whole faction proud. With some effort he might reach better position next quarter, because he needs only 426 AP to catch up with #8.

#8. BodhiDeluX (ENL)
The first member of European region. The player lives in Vienna, capital of Austria. Since the last top Ingress Agents update the user didn't gain any AP, probably he stopped playing the game. That's why he might be shifted from his position and go down the list next time.

#7. pr0m (ENL)
The active player from Lausanne, Switzerland. Since the last update he has got almost 15 million AP. That's some dedication that helped him to stay at the same position in Ingress top 10 Agents.

#6. 0absinthe0 (ENL)
Another Japanese citizen, this time from Aichi. Has lost one position since the last update, with only 2.000 AP gained.

#5. coo3 (ENL)
Due to 0absinthe0 (#6) low activity and his own achievements this Agent was able to make it to top 5 this time. Also a Japanese player, living in Tokyo. If he continues like that he might be able to reach higher position in top Ingress Agents list!

#4. carpediem1160 (ENL)
Another user from Vienna, probably fighting side by side with BodhiDeluX (#8)! The player has gained almost 23 million AP but it didn't help him to get higher in ranking. The competition on the top of the list is tense, and there's still a huge gap between him and the 3rd place.

#3. Morka (ENL)
Agent from Paris, France. Seems like he has lost all interest in the game, because he didn't gain any AP at all. Nevertheless, it didn't prevent him from still being #3 in Ingress top 10 Agents. To shift the player from this position his teammate and closest follower carpediem1160 (#4) has to gain another 25 million AP.

The best Japanese player so far, that almost made it to the top of the list. An active Agent considering a huge amount of AP he was able to gain. Surprisingly, the user isn't living in the capital, but in Saitama town, which makes his progress even more remarkable!

#1. ruflen (ENL)
A user from Manresa, Spain. Unshakable number one in Ingress top 10 Agents! Seems like the player isn't going to give up his position. His numbers are insane: with total amount of AP being almost 1.5 billion he was able to gain 43 million AP more since last time. The gap between this user and the Agent on the 2nd place is almost 200 million AP!

As we see, 9 out of 10 Agents belong to the Enlightened, but some of them have stopped playing and are ready to be shifted from the top Ingress Agents list! If you struggle for the Resistance and this list made you disappointed and sad, we want to note that most of players actively gaining points and trying to make it to top 10 are from your faction! And you can be one of them as well! Aslo you can buy ingress iems in our shop to faster AP gaining. Maybe top 10 Ingress agents are our customers, that is why they are getting AP so fast and so easy ))))

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How TOP-10 Ingress Agents rating is made?

1. It's based on the experience the Agents get during the WHOLE TIME they play Ingress Prime. Some users might have been gaining their AP since the moment the game was released.
2. The side you belong to doesn't matter, there can be Ingress top 10 Agents from the Enlightened faction at the same time (or the other way around).
3. Constant improvement and development is the key to success. You might see that it's easy to lose your position after you stop playing.
4. If you want to get more AP then try to use our shop. Do not waste time for grinding XMP or resonators. You can just buy them from us (any amount) and play as long as you want. Maybe with our help next time your agent codename will be in our TOP-10 Ingress Agents Rating!