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Ingress account fast level up (history notes)

Ingress account fast level up (history notes)

All methods are described here for information only. Perhaps someone has been using some of them for a long time. All these "black" methods have been fixed by the developers team and they do not work with Ingress Prime APK. But fixed old cheats can become working ones someday, that is why you have to know all of them.

The simplest and only rarely needed way to cheat a little with the GPS position

With the application running, turn off the GPS on the phone. The game will begin to determine the location using base stations and WiFi networks. What it does: you start to randomly rush around the map, it allows you to move closer to the portal that you do not reach a little, or even move directly to another portal if they are nearby, it also allows you to dig XM while standing still.

A simple but tedious way to level up

This method was discovered thanks to the accumulated inventory after the Christmas codes. The Portal Shield installation system is where the flaw was found. Standing on the portal in the Upgrade Portal mode, we are allowed to install the shield and remove it. To use this method of pumping, no specific knowledge is required. We start by simply removing shields and putting them on new ones until you get bored (removed shields do not return to your inventory, but it is quite easy to replenish them by copying your inventory). With proper skill, in a couple of minutes, you can gain up to 2000 experience points. This method is quite tedious but very effective for pumping from level 1 to 4-5, where a large amount of experience points are not required to move to the next level.

Copying inventory

From the very beginning of the game, everyone probably tried to pick up something from their inventory at the same time as another player, but this scheme did not work. Go ahead and connect two or more Ingress accounts through one WiFi connection. On the first device, we drop the required inventory or Portal Key, as soon as the dropped inventory appears on the second device (it works on more than 2 devices), click on the item, on both devices, hold down “Acquire” and release simultaneously - the items are copied. This method does not work very stable, most likely due to the high speed of the Internet.

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