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Hackstreak: new achievement medal, new bonuses

Hackstreak: new achievement medal, new bonuses

Niantic announced the new Hackstreak weekly bonus system and the new Epoch Medal.

Each day you will receive 500 AP and double the drop for your first hack. On the seventh consecutive day, the bonus will be 1,000 AP and tripled item drop. If you miss a whole day (or after reaching day seven) the counter is reset. Drone hacks do not count and do not give bonuses.

New Medal

The number of completed seven-day series appears as a separate line in the profile, and in its section - "series" (streaks). There will be a full level medal attached to statistics:

  • Bronze: 2;

  • Silver: 4;

  • Gold: 8;

  • Platinum: 30;

  • Onyx: 60.

Thus, you can get onyx in 60 weeks (a little over a year) if you hack portals every day. The Onyx Medal of Sojourner can be obtained in 360 days, i.e. just under a year. However, unlike Sojourner, skipping one day does not reset your progress towards Epoch: only the current seven-day series is lost.

New Bonuses

Additionally, agents now have a chance to earn bonus items and APs through portal hacks any day, with an even bigger prize for a 7-day hack. After the 7 day hack, your series of hacks is reset, and you can start working on a fresh one. If a hack is skipped, the counter will be reset to 1 day, and Hackstreak will have to start from the beginning. Hacks through Dronenet are not included in Hackstreak.

During the first 6 days, every 1st portal you crack in a day will win +500 AP and double the number of items you get. When you hack portals in the direction of 7 days in order, you will get a prize of +500 AP and 3 times the number of hacked items on the 7th day. The first time you hack any day, you will see a pop-up message indicating your hacking status.