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How to reach L16 in 6 hours

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A rookie can't compete with strong players from another faction. You'll want to contribute to the game as soon as possible, rather than just wander aimlessly around portals. The faster you level up in Ingress, the more exciting the game will be for you. Take the best pumping method and start having fun. Be warned: it won't be easy!
Niantic announced the new Hackstreak weekly bonus system and the new Epoch Medal. Each day you will receive 500 AP and double the drop for your first hack.
All methods are described here for information only. Perhaps someone has been using some of them for a long time. All these "black" methods have been fixed by the developers team.

All Ingress Prime Glyph hacking secrets

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Hacking a portal is an action that allows you to get almost any item in the game. If you just click on the "Hack" button, you will get a certain minimum of artifacts. For more items use glyph hacking
Ingress passcodes list can be found on many websites. But only our 3RD FACTION team provide you with fresh and working codes. You will never see "Passcode fully redeemed" message
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