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All ingress shop orders will be delivered with Ingress Prime Transfer accounts. So we have prepared for you a short manual how to add transfer account to your device and main troubleshooting steps.
Here you will find NEW codes with gifts to use at our Ingress Shop. Also we have some thoughts about INGRESS gameplay for almost 7 years now that have become a little boring for most agents.
Hello Agents. We are happy to give all our customers NEW passcodes 2019 for free Ingress items. You can use these passcodes on your game scanner or from Intel Map. All passcodes are NOT redeemed!
Geo AR Mobile Games are still yet to become mainstream and have a lot of potential still; however, there are already quite a few great AR games market - Pokemon Go, Ingress, soon Harry Potter
Ingress First Saturday is a cross-faction event organised and run by agents, for agents all across the world on the First Saturday of each month. We have special products for you to get max profit!
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