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Lets talk about useful tools that help you to get more places and to hit higher level quicker. In order to achieve that a good fielding is required. All that a player needs is IITC Ingress app.

How to create new Portal in Ingress Prime

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All activities in the game take place only near the objects. You can't do anything sitting at home and looking at Ingress portal map. Here's how to get Ingress Portal approval and not to waste time
Gaining AP faster, hitting a certain level with less efforts, submitting more Portals and making faster progress of your Agent. It requires lots of time devoted to the game or... a bit of cheating

Ingress Anomalies and Events for 2020 year

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There will be no anomalies in 2020. The reasons are obvious - growing concerns surrounding the global pandemic. But Ingress Team will explore resuming small-scale live events soon
If you want to kill a remote portal you currently don't have access to, our Team is here to help you with this task! Buy our service and 3rd-faction hunters team will destroy absolutely any portal
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